Remote Media Production Request

Electronic Media (EM) provides quality technical media support and services for academic and college events, Conference Services, and various state agencies. For proper support planning, please submit your initial production request as far in advance in advance as possible - at least two weeks at a minimum!

Student Groups: Starting to plan a remote event? The Student Activities Canvas course now includes a Virtual Event Planning training module and online Tentative Production Worksheet (TPW). Log-in to your Student Activities Canvas course to get started. Remember that your advisor must be part of the planning process for any event hosted by your organization or group!

Please keep in mind that all activities should be consistent with Evergreen's policies, procedures, mission, and purpose as well as that of your organization or group. If you need additional help planning for campus events, please reference our Production Support page for extra info. Additional information about EM rates is available on our Production Rates page.


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