Intermediate Audio Recording Studios

COM 110/111A and COM 107/212A

These intermediate level recording studios are located in the Communications Building. They also double as classrooms and event spaces. The control rooms contain identical core equipment and have a shared proficiency.

Image of API Console in Performance and Production Control Room
API Console in Com 111A Control Room

The Performance/Production Studio was originally designed as an orchestra hall. It doubles as a large classroom with retractable acoustic curtains. The control room is on the same level overlooking the tracking room. 

Image of API Console in Recital Hall Control Room
API Console in 212A Control Room

The Recital Hall is acoustically designed for music with retractable curtains to control sound reflection and absorption. The control room is on the second floor overlooking the stage and raked seating area. 

Console / Monitoring: Effects: Dynamic Processors:
API 1608 1 EMT 240 Plate Reverbs 1 API 525 Compressor
JBL LSR3628 8" Active Monitors (x5) 1 Lexicon LXP-15-II 1 DBX 1066
Adam A7Xs 1 TC Fireworx 1 Symetrix 425
KRK 10s 10" Subwoofer 1 TC M300  
Recorders: Computer: Software:
HHB CDR 830 CD Recorder Mac Pro Dual 2.8GHz Quad Core MOTU Digital Performer
Otari MX-5050 mkIII 1/2" 8-Track (availability directed by faculty) MOTU 16a Thunderbolt Interface ProTools 10
Sony Cassette   Ableton Live 10
    Adobe Audition
    Waves Native Bundle
    Native Instruments Komplete
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