Audio Labs

Audio and Music Technology Labs

Media Labs are managed by Electronic Media. Access to labs typically requires enrollment in a program or course with media fees included. Independent Learning Contracts (ILC) requesting access to labs will be assessed individually. All labs require proficiency tests prior to use. The labs are only available for academic work.

General Access Audio Studios

Audio Recording Studios

Image of student engineering in advanced audio studio in Communications Building
Engineering in Advanced Audio Studio in Communication Building

Music Technology Labs

Evergreen's Music Technology facilities are well-equipped with a wide variety of modern and vintage analog synthesizers and gear as well as cutting-edge digital audio workstations and plug-ins.

  • Com 343 - Introduction Lab
  • Com 344 - Introduction Lab
  • Com 346 - Advanced Hybrid Lab
  • Com 347 - Digital Mixing/Editing Lab
Audio/Music Technologies Manager Patrick LaBahn (360) 867-5277
Help (360) 867-5838
Scheduling and Keys Media Loan LIB 2504 (360) 867-6253