Dion Gouws


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Inaugurating the Changemaker Lab program at Evergreen, I've dedicated myself to catalyzing positive change. My journey spans continents, evolving from a chaperone to a trade union activist in South Africa, where I witnessed grassroots empowerment's power firsthand. Through experiences of exile and resettlement in the United States, I've remained committed to advocating for community-driven initiatives. My passion for nature led me to innovate Operation Noah's Ark in Angola, using air transport for family groups of elephants and other animals. In Kissama National Park, I dedicated almost four years to directing animal care, tourism infrastructure restoration, community integration, and drafting national park legislation. I am a scuba diving instructor and operate a public accounting practice, bringing 20 years of experience to clients. Recognized for economic development contributions, I received the SBDC Small Business Champion of the Year award in 2016 and a US House of Representatives Certificate of Special Recognition. Committed to inclusive education, I foster global connections for impactful change, reflecting lifelong dedication to community empowerment. 


Ph.D., Strategic Business Management, University of Johannesburg, 1996; M.A.F.M., DeVry University Keller Graduate School of Management, 2004; M.B.A., Edinburgh Business School, 1994.

Teaching Style

As a faculty coach, I prioritize guiding and facilitating over traditional teaching methods. Through fostering interdisciplinary team learning and continually emphasizing the richness of diversity within our environment, I encourage collaboration where every team member's unique perspective is valued. My aim is to cultivate an atmosphere where collective learning transcends individual contributions, believing that embracing diversity in a team setting leads to a collective understanding greater than the sum of its parts. 

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