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Dion Gouws

This Summer Program in Accounting and Financial Analysis is an intensive and intellectually stimulating experience designed to provide students with a deep understanding of accounting within the context of the natural and social world. Throughout the program, we will explore the diverse applications of accounting information and delve into fundamental accounting principles and processes, with a strong emphasis on the skill of creating and interpreting financial statements and reports.

Program Highlights:

Upon completion of this Program in Accounting and Financial Analysis, you will have gained a strong foundation in accounting principles, the ability to record accounting transactions and generate accounting information, make informed decisions using financial data, and a valuable skill set for interpreting financial statements. This program will provide you with a foundation to excel in accounting-related fields and equip you with critical skills applicable across various sectors of the business world.

Join us this summer and embark on an educational journey that will broaden your understanding of accounting and financial analysis while preparing you for a future of informed decision-making and professional success.

  • Exploring Accounting in Context: The program begins by delving into the natural and social setting of accounting, showcasing its relevance in various spheres of the business world.
  • Foundations of Accounting: Participants will be introduced to the fundamental accounting principles and procedures, laying the groundwork for their accounting knowledge and will gain exposure to online accounting and payroll systems.
  • Decision-Making with Accounting Information: We emphasize the practical application of accounting information in decision-making, addressing the perspectives of both external investors and internal managers.
  • Costing Concepts and Strategic Planning: Participants will learn the application of basic costing concepts and tools for effective planning, control, and strategic decision-making.
  • Information for Enterprise Managers: Concentrating on the information most useful for enterprise managers, this program equips participants with the skills to make informed managerial decisions.
  • Analyzing Financial Statements: Understanding the short-term and long-term implications of using accounting information to create budgets, evaluate performance, and analyze financial statements is a core component of the program.

Anticipated Credit Equivalencies

4 - Financial Accounting 101  

4 - Financial Accounting 201  

4 - Financial Accounting 202  

4 - Business Planning for Impact


Course Reference Numbers
Full Session (16): 40110

Academic Details

  • Individuals seeking a career in accounting.
  • Business and Not for Profit owners and managers aiming to improve financial management and payroll skills.
  • Students pursuing degrees in business, finance, or related fields.
  • Anyone interested in enhancing their financial literacy.

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SEM 2 C4107 - Workshop


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2024-04-11 Was hybrid, now remote.