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In Business Fundamentals, students have the opportunity to learn all the skills they need to start and run a business or become a key actor and advisor in a range of organizational settings. We’ll concentrate on practical knowledge such as how to determine whether an idea is practically feasible, develop marketing and branding strategies, and manage an organization as a director and leader. At the same time, students in this program are encouraged to be bold changemakers learning how to shape the future starting today.  

In the first few weeks, students will join Team Companies while gaining entrepreneurial experience and the skills to operate and run an organization.  They will create and manage projects inspired by their passions, learning how to cultivate a business as a social-purpose-for-profit entity (social entrepreneurship), or as a sustainable nonprofit. Design thinking will be mobilized to do sustainable business modeling, marketing, web development, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. The program is ideal for business and management students who seek a practical, hands-on approach in team settings that parallel the workplace where they can discover, from experience, how to create and run an innovative and successful business.  

Changemaker students will learn by doing. Through active learning they will be able to develop skills in project planning and leadership, negotiation and selling, finance and marketing, data processing and information technology, creativity and innovation, and teambuilding, communication, and international engagement. All of these abilities will be fostered by learning how to develop initiative and the courage to make choices based on an outcome-based orientation to goals. Each Team Company will run its own training sessions under the guidance of Team Coaches supervised by experienced, certified Tiimiakatemia Team Coaches®. The Evergreen Changemaker Lab is accredited by Tiimiakatemia Global®. Team members will become confident, motivated, and resilient when facing challenges in the workplace. They will also join professional workshops and personal development sessions where they’ll learn how to fulfill their entrepreneurial potential. Students may also choose to participate in a variety of unique international learning opportunities in Europe and Africa.  

Take this program and graduate with diverse and exciting career options and even a professional LinkedIn profile reflecting a new personalized skill set if you wish. Our alumni report that the program prepared them to start their own successful businesses, and to pursue careers in leadership, marketing, and management in a range of settings. Join us and become a changemaker! 

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Design thinking, innovation, leadership, business fundamentals and cooperative practices.


Each student will need to spend around $20 to cover incorporation fees for their team company.


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