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Apply for Undergraduate Admission

Evergreen practices rolling admissions — you can apply any time of year.

Evergreen also has test-optional admission, so you can apply without SAT or ACT scores if you are unable to take the test in your area.

Let’s get started – which type of student are you?

First-Year Student

You’re a first-year student if at least one of the following is true:

  • You've never attended college
  • You're currently in high school or the Running Start program
  • You're taking dual enrollment courses
  • You're home schooled
  • You have a GED and no college credit

Transfer Student 

You’re a transfer student if you’ve:  

  • Attended a trade or vocational school 
  • Earned credit at another college after getting your high school diploma (or equivalent) 

International Student 

You’re an international student if your citizenship is outside the United States. 

There is no special application for international students. Choose from the first-year or transfer applications, depending on your prior experience.


Returning Greener 

You’re a returning Greener if you’ve previously attended Evergreen.

Post-Baccalaureate Student 

You’re a post-baccalaureate student if you’ve already earned a bachelor’s degree but want to earn additional undergraduate credits or a second undergraduate degree. 

Programs with Special Application Requirements


Evergreen Tacoma is a learning community located in the Hilltop neighborhood of Tacoma, Washington. 

Native Pathways Program

The Native Pathways Program is for students involved with Native American or Indigenous communities and culture.  

Special Student

Special Students can register for classes without being admitted to Evergreen. You can study part-time in the summer without being admitted or taking classes without earning a degree.

Graduate Student 

We offer three Masters degrees, each with their own application requirements.