Admissions Criteria

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Admissions Criteria for First-Year Students

Completed college preparatory coursework in high school

Freshman applicants must complete college preparatory coursework in high school to be considered for admission.

The average GPA for freshmen admitted in 2019 was 3.20. 

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Test Scores

Evergreen uses test-optional admission. If you would like your SAT or ACT scores considered in your admission decision please submit official scores from the testing agency or make sure they are included on your official high school transcript. At Evergreen, there is no minimum score to qualify for admission, your test scores will be considered along with all the information you provide in your application to make a decision. If you would like your application reviewed without your test score please follow our test-optional instructions.

Graduation from high school, completion of a GED the High School Proficiency Exam

You will need to have completed prior to starting classes. If you took the GED after December 2013, the minimum test score is 150 on all subject tests. If you took it before then, your percentile rank on all subject tests must be in the 60th percentile.

Good standing in any college-level work attempted during or after high school

Running Start or other college in high school credit may be used to substitute for required high school course work. See the Transfer Credit Policy or Prior Learning Assessment for more about college credit earned in high school.

Applicants over the age of 21

You should select traditional or test-optional admission. With either option, a resume listing work, travel, and/or community activities since you left high school is required.

Home School Applicants

You should select traditional or test-optional admission. All home school education documents are required along with documentation for any coursework done through a home school organization or cooperative, local college, or other entity. The Application Statement is recommended for those choosing traditional admission.

Admissions Criteria for Transfer Students

  • Minimum 2.0 college GPA. Academic performance is determined by the cumulative grade point average and number of transferable credits completed.
  • Good academic standing at the last institution attended.
  • Satisfactory completion of a variety of courses in the arts and sciences; for example, the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and art.

Priority admission consideration will be given to students who have earned any of the following from a Washington community college:

  • Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) Associate’s Degree
  • Associate in Science—Transfer (AS-T) Degree
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    Student meeting with academic advisors at the fair
    Technical Arts Transfer Degrees (Upside Down Degree or Direct Technical Transfer)

How Will Your Credits Transfer?

Tacoma and Native Pathways Programs

Visit the Tacoma Program and Native Pathways Program websites for their admissions requirements and to learn how to apply.

Undocumented Students

The Evergreen State College welcomes and supports undocumented students of all ethnicities and nationalities.