Student Governance

Evergreen offers ways for students to become involved in the operation of the college. The groups listed here are all student-run.

Getting Started as a Student Governance Representative

Thank you for serving in student government. To get started, please complete this Learning Allotment Action Form (login required) to begin your governance position. This registration form collects information regarding your position and contact details.

Student Leadership Activity Reports (SLAR)

The SLAR is required for all student governance groups and student organizations. All students in a governance group must participate in reporting to receive their learning allotment. Reports are due twice per quarter.

Complete your report now. (login required)

Deadlines and Paydays

If you receive a learning allotment and complete your reports by the deadline, your check or direct deposit will be available on the pay dates below. If you miss the deadlines, your checks will be delayed.

Reporting Period SLAR Due to Student Activities Check Available (learning allotment)
Winter 2023 February 10  ||  March 10 February 25  ||  March 25
Spring 2023 April 30  ||  May 31 May 10  ||  June 10

Clean Energy Committee

The mission of the committee is to support the success of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and resource conservation at Evergreen. We carry the responsibility of representing the interest of the student body as we appropriate the Clean Energy Fund. The fund is designated to offset 100% of the electricity used by Evergreen through renewable energy credits. The committee allocates the remaining fund to students, staff and faculty with goals of reducing the campus carbon footprint through research, education, or implementation. The Clean Energy Committee supports the creation of models for climate solutions through collaborative on-campus research.


Geoduck Student Union

The Geoduck Union is the official representation of the student body at The Evergreen State College. The Union is committed to unifying students across all Evergreen campuses, serving their interests at the local, state, and national levels and empowering all students to participate in positive social and political chance while fostering a fair and diverse community. The Union works to improve student quality of life by advocating for students' rights and needs, facilitating communication among students, and ensuring a fair balance of power among faculty, staff, administration and students.

Contact information for your GSU representatives is available at the webpage below:


S&A Board

The S&A Board is the student committee that allocates Services and Activities fees to all of the organizations you see here. This student committee renews itself annually and seeks new members every Fall.


Tacoma S&A Committee

The Tacoma Services & Activities Board is a subcommittee of the Evergreen Student Fee and Allocation Board. This is a group of students that organize events and serve as advocates to enrolled students attending the Tacoma Campus. The Services & Activities Board members include Board Coordinator, Event Coordinators, Graduation Coordinator, Librarian, Office Manager, and 4 Voting Members.

Other Committees With Student Representatives

  • Bias Incident Response Team
  • Campus Land Use Committee
  • Costantino Recreation Center User Advisory Board
  • Deadly Force Review board
  • Dining Contract Advisory Committee
  • Diversity and Equity Standing Committee
  • Enrollment Coordinating
  • Food Services Advisory Committee
  • Health and Safety Advisory Committee
  • Information Technology Advisory Board
  • Police Services Community Review Board
  • President's Diversity Fund for Equity and Social Justice Committee
  • Risk Assessment Review Team
  • Sustainability and Social Justice Dining Advisory Committee
  • The American Disability Act Compliance Advisory Committee
  • The Drug Alcohol Abuse Prevention Workshop
  • The Sustainability Council

Learn more on the Committees and DTFs site.