Registering a Student Club

Connect with an advisor to become a Registered Student Organization.

Why Register

  •     Secure money for events and projects
  •     Gain support for meetings and events
  •     Glean advice from experienced advisors to help you meet your goals
  •     Obtain a designated workspace/cubicle
  •     Access free materials for promoting your group
  •     Get office supplies and equipment to check-out
  •     Apply for learning allotments for student group leaders*
  •     Make buttons!

* You must Apply Separately for funding or learning allotments, get training in budgeting and fill out paperwork. We'll help you figure it all out!

How to Register a Student Club

1. Have an Idea

Almost any subject or pastime that brings people together can be the seed of a great student group: hobbies, academic subjects, communities, issues, or politics. Recreational clubs are welcome too!

2. See an Advisor

Book a meeting with a Student Activities advisor. You'll have a chance to talk about your ideas and goals. Our advisors will help you succeed in realizing your club's mission.

Book a Student Activities Advisor Meeting 

3. Find More People

The purpose of student organizations is to build your community. Are other students excited by your idea? If you don't have folks interested yet, now is the time to announce your proposed club and find participants. Try connecting with like-minded students in your programs, around your housing, or via social media platforms. An advisor can also help you set up and promote an interest meeting campus.

4. Sign Up and Go to Training

Once you’ve recruited the club leadership, you're ready to get trained and registered. Clubs can have up to 3 official leaders; we call them coordinators.

All club leadership will need to go to the RSO Registration Getting Started Workshop. This workshop is two hours and introduces you to the general policies & resources available to student groups. You will learn how to build your group base, how to plan an event on campus, and how to apply for funds. You will also complete a CANVAS course to learn more about campus policies and procedures.

Sign Up for a Getting Started Workshop

5. Go, Go, Go!

You have your group's founding members, and you've been registered and trained. Now you're ready to do what your group is all about. Check out Student Group Leaders resources for running and sustaining your group.