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Check for regular updates. New and fun organizations are being added all the time. New and returning clubs have to register for each new academic year.

Arcade Projects

A multi-media collective composed of student-led projects that combine performance, protest, and games in service of promoting working class politics, creating community and new commons, and facilitating combat against alienation and exploitation.

Biweekly Meeting:
Wednesdays, 6 - 8 pm | CAB 301
(10/4, 10/18, 11/1, 11/15, 11/29, 12/6)

SitesInstagram - Evergreen Arcade Projects

Bittersweet Skate Club

We skate for fun! We’re soul skaters.


Black Cottonwood Collective

To create a space where anti-authoritarians and like-minded individuals share radical resources; build community, skills and analysis; and discuss how our shared ideology influences the world around us personally, locally and globally.


Chess Club

The Chess Club is looking to create a community around the playing, studying and sharing of everything chess!

From beginner to expert, the club is open to players of all skill levels. Our meetings will focus on casual play and for those looking for a more technical study, there will be optional lectures and analysis from an experienced coach.

Set up the pieces and join us for a game!

SitesInstagram - Evergreen Chess Club

Chibi Chibi Con Committee

As a club, our goal is to create a convention that everyone can enjoy, and have fun along the way. We are a con that has sprung up from a previous Evergreen convention. We are smaller, thus chibi, and hope to remain only as large as we can handle.

Weekly Meeting: 
Thursdays, 4 - 5 pm | Student Activities at the Big Wooden Table

SitesBlog - Chibi Chibi Con, Facebook - Chibi Chibi ConInstagram - Chibi Chibi Con, Discord - Chibi Chibi Con

Clay Club

To create a space for students of all skill levels to participate in the ceramic arts.


Climbing Club

Climbing Club strives to cultivate a space for people of all climbing experience levels to gather together, encourage each other and grow as climbers.

SitesInstagram - Climbing Club

Community Gardens

Community Gardens aim to provide continuity of care to community agricultural spaces on campus and to inform students about resources in the food and agriculture pathway.

SitesInstagram - SCARF Evergreen

Cooper Point Journal

Cooper Point Journal organization members commit their efforts to two primary purposes: compiling submissions from students at large to create a newspaper that focuses on and reflects the student citizens of The Evergreen State College and examines how matters, particularly within the college, affect and involve students. The newspaper - also named Cooper Point Journal - serves as a medium for informing and entertaining students and as a forum for the ideas and opinions of students and others. The learning laboratory aspect of the CPJ organization manifests itself by developing and maintaining effective and responsible managing of operations and finances of an endeavor (newspaper) organization, as well as dealing with such life challenges as organizing efforts to develop and maintain an inclusive organization, establishing a group culture of inclusive and responsible decision making, personal and collective accountability, leadership that focuses of fulfilling organization goals and objectives by fostering an environment of consensus and cooperation rather than focusing on the decision-making authority and responsibilities of leadership, confronting injustice and discrimination.

Sites: Cooper Point Journal

Ev. Astronomical Society

To create a space for those who are interested in astronomy and stargazing no matter their previous experience.

Weekly Meeting:
Mondays, 7 - 8 pm | CAB 301


Ev. Furry Club

To cultivate and maintain an inclusive and welcoming community environment for members of the furry fandom to involve themselves in, promoting acceptance and allowing individuals to feel comfortable being themselves.



Instagram - Evergreen Furry Club

Discord - Evergreen Furry Club

Ev. Gaming Guild

The Evergreen Gaming Guild (EGG) has been an inclusive, casual, and fun environment for over 20 years. From Guitar Hero to Super Smash Bros. to Mariokart to Dance Dance Revolution and everything in-between. Join the ever growing community of like-minded gamers - to de-stress from the week or find someone else as sweaty as you are for [insert game here]. Whatever it is, join us!

Weekly Meetings: 
Wednesdays, 4 - 8 pm | Student Activities TV Lounge
Fridays, 4 - 8 pm | CAB 301


SitesDiscord - Ev. Gaming Guild

Giant Clam Improv Collective

Giant Clam Improv Collective’s mission is to create a safer, braver space for Greeners to collaborate with one another in the style of improvisation!

Improv is a ritual and experiment that allows us to connect with our sense of play, activate flow states, commit to the moment and liberate our truest potentials. This work is only successful if we support each other, our work is not possible without the collective.

As a collective, we strive to work together to make Giant Clam possible; there are opportunities to pitch in on ideas and leadership if desired, or to just show up occasionally and participate. Our practices make space to meet new people, laugh about ridiculous scenarios, be serious as needed, propose ideas, and create on the spot! Giant Clam is open to all; those who have done theater or improv, those who haven’t, and those who create across all mediums.

Improv is about the process, not the final result, therefore this club focuses on having fun rather than the technicalities of “being good at improv”. If being a part of a fun-loving community of collaborating artists sounds like a good time to you, then Giant Clam Improv Collective is right up your alley!


SitesInstagram - Giant Clam Improv

Giant Robot Appreciation Society (GRAS)

GRAS is one of the longest running student clubs here on campus. Come meet and talk about anime with fellow weebs, and argue about which Miyazaki Film is the best. We hope to make anime easier to understand for Evergreen, as well as make a safe space for nerding out about Evangelion.

Weekly Meeting: 
Wednesdays, 5 - 7 pm | Student Activities at the Big Wooden Table

Sites: Discord - GRAS

Justice Involved Student Group

Evergreen Justice Involved Student Group, working together to build stronger campus communities in Washington state that are equitable to all, regardless of status, race, gender, sex or ability. We advocate and support those marginalized by an unjust, criminal justice system!

Sites: Facebook - Ev. Justice Involved Student Group

La Familia

La Familia aims to uplift and center Latinx voices and Latinx issues through student solidarity. Our goal is to educate and welcome others to be allies, to learn about prominent issues within our community, while also building community.

Sites: Instagram - La Familia

Slightly West

Slightly West is Evergreen’s own student-run and published literary journal. As a periodical, we publish student work annually in a collected volume, making space for writers and artists from diverse disciplinary and cultural backgrounds. In our jury process, our goal is to select the best creative writing, personal essays, photography, comics, drawings, sheet music or any black-and-white reproducible art that our inspiring student body has to offer. Once selected, students will be published in our journal with full copyright ownership of their work belonging to them.


Ultimate Frisbee

Every week we get outside and play casual, low-stakes frisbee. Everyone gets to play with us, whether you’ve played ultimate for years or have never played a sport at all. Our highest priority is having a place for people to exercise and show that you don’t have to be good at something to enjoy it. Come try it out. We’d love to have you!

SitesInstagram - Greener UltimateDiscord - Greener Ultimate Frisbee


We are Evergreen's premier student public interest activism group and have been since the early 1980s. We work to protect the environment and public health, fight hunger on campus and in our community, make college more affordable and promote civic engagement.

Weekly Meeting: 
Mondays, 4 - 5 pm | SEM 2 C3109


Blog - WashPIRG

Instagram - WashPIRG

Twitter - WashPIRG

Yoga Club

Yoga club aims to connect students with an interest in yoga and provide regular opportunities for practicing together. No experience needed!

Weekly Meeting:
Wednesdays, 2 - 3:30 pm | CRC 314

SitesInstagram - Evergreen Yoga Club

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