Evergreen is a public liberal arts and sciences college in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.

Opened in 1971, Evergreen gives students a hands-on, collaborative education that prepares them to succeed in an ever-changing world.

How you’ll learn

Evergreen goes beyond majors and minors so students have the freedom to pursue their passions unrestricted and the flexibility to adapt their studies as their interests evolve. Narrative evaluations written by faculty take the place of traditional grades, giving students a real sense of what they’ve accomplished and the journey they’re on.

Undergraduate studies

There are lots of ways to earn a bachelor’s degree here. Evergreen offers Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and dual Bachelor of Arts and Science degrees, as well as select certificate programs.

Daytime programs

Much of Evergreen’s undergraduate curriculum is made of full-time programs that can have multiple faculty and can last for more than one quarter. These signature programs help students make connections across disciplines and form a learning community that bridges the gap between themselves and students learning other subjects.

An interdisciplinary program can be a powerful experience for students of any subject by showing them new ways of thinking about their interests.

Fields of Study

Evergreen offers more than 45 Fields of Study. Programs often mix multiple Fields of Study together to create an interdisciplinary learning experience. 


Paths are sets of programs and courses that provide a way to move from introductory to advanced undergraduate studies in one or more related fields.

Independent Learning Contracts (ILCs)

Evergreen offers tremendous freedom for students who want to pursue special academic projects through Independent Learning Contract. A faculty supervisor will assess and support the ILC through every step of the process even if an ILC does not require a student to attend classes.

Some examples of ILCs include:

  • Writing a book
  • Conducting original scientific research
  • Producing video
  • Volunteering for a community organization
  • Doing a government internship
  • and much more!

Evergreen Tacoma

Evergreen Tacoma is located in the historically Black-owned Hilltop neighborhood. The Tacoma campus is a tight-knit learning community focused on empowerment through education.

Native Pathways Program

Evergreen’s Native Pathways Program promotes lifelong Indigenous scholarship at four locations across western Washington as well as a hybrid online option.

Graduate studies

Evergreen offers three master’s degrees. 

Master of Environment Studies

The Master of Environment Studies program teaches graduates to be creative, critical thinkers with the research skills required for professional environmental work and leadership.

Master of Public Administration

The Master of Public Administration program shows graduates how to advocate for change on behalf of the public, accomplish positive change in the workplace, and imagine new possibilities for our society.

This program has three concentration areas:

  • Public and nonprofit administration
  • Public policy
  • Tribal governance

Master in Teaching

The Master in Teaching program shows aspiring teachers how to work toward a sustainable and equitable future for all by becoming a force for good both in and out of the classroom.

Financial aid

Evergreen proudly offers an affordable and flexible education. Most students receive financial aid in some form.

Common types of aid include:

Our financial aid counselors can provide resources and assistance to get you the aid you need. 

Olympia campus


Living on campus has many benefits. Evergreen’s natural setting is the perfect backdrop for studying, extracurricular activities such as clubs, and even conducting academic research.

All campus housing is apartment style, meaning students have a private bedroom with shared living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms in an apartment of four to six people. 

Facilities and student resources

Evergreen has many facilities and resources to help students succeed in school and life. This page lists just a few.

Daniel J. Evans Hall

Daniel J. Evans Hall, also known as the library building, houses many student resources across four floors. Students can do everything from meet with Financial Aid to produce a film in the television studio in this building.

College Activities Building

The College Activities Building is a hub for students that includes the Greenery cafeteria and other food options, Evergreen’s radio station, the Greener Bookstore, and more.

Costantino Recreation Center

The Costantino Recreation Center is the home of athletics at Evergreen. Located near the athletics fields, the CRC has weight and cardio rooms, a climbing room, handball courts, a basketball court, and more.

Communications Building

The Communications Building hosts music, media, and performing arts studios as well as state-of-the-art performance spaces. 

Indigenous Arts Campus

The Indigenous Arts Campus is a one-of-a-kind resource. The campus includes s'gʷi gʷi ʔ altxʷ: House of Welcome Longhouse Education and Cultural Center, a fiber arts studio, and a carving studio.


Evergreen has been accredited continuously by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities since receiving initial accreditation in 1974. The Commission most recently reaffirmed Evergreen’s accreditation in 2019.

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