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Lean into and be curious about your thoughts and feelings related to your time abroad.

Just because your term abroad has ended doesn't mean the experience has ended. In fact, a lot of learning and development tends to take place when students return. 


Reverse Culture Shock

What's that? Reverse culture shock (or re-entry shock) is a feeling that many experience upon return to the home culture. Similar to when the traveler arrived in country, there are a variety of different phases. Except this time, the traveler struggles with re-entering into their "home" culture -- which they believe should feel just like it used to; they notice elements they once found normal, and may feel annoyed or even angry about them. 

Learn more about re-entry shock by reading this Evergreen resource describing what it is, why it's hard, symptoms, and how to handle the feeling. 


Re-Entry Reflection

Taking the time to reflect on your study abroad experience is an essential step toward maximizing your education. The following resources can help guide you in this process. 

Seek support as you transition back to life in the U.S. from Evergreen's Counseling Services


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Global to Local Opportunities 

It's likely that passions were strengthened and/or ignited by way of study abroad. Perhaps you learned about social injustices through a new context, or connected with environmental activists in another country. Continue your learning and action for positive change in your community. A great place to start is with Evergreen's Center for Community-based Learning and Action


Connect your Study Abroad Experience to your Career

More information and opportunities coming soon...



Stay Connected with International Programs & Services

Ways to get involved

  • Consider studying abroad again!
  • Connect with international schools and foreign students through Evergreen's membership with Critical Edge Alliance
  • Join social activities with the Office of International Programs & Services to connect with other returned study abroad students and international students