Individual/Internship Learning Contracts

What's a study abroad ILC/INT?

Individual learning contracts (ILC) and internship contracts (INT) are an option for students who are prepared to study at an advanced level, have already completed basic work in the classroom, have the ability to work independently, and are prepared to develop their own syllabus for the quarter. 

Evergreen's unique Independent Learning Contract (ILC) and an Internship Learning Contract (INT) opportunities can take place in another country. Students must work with a faculty advisor, the Office of International Programs & Services, and the Dean of International Programs to design their project and to prepare for time abroad. 

Students must take on the responsibility for planning and arranging details of individual study abroad.  This option is often the least expensive route to overseas study.  Students may incorporate outside entities into their contracts, such as a language school.  Students must secure a faculty sponsor for their ILC or INT.  For internships, a field supervisor from a partnering organization also becomes part of your contract. 

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