Apply to Study Abroad

Application protocols depend on the type of program selected

Apply for Evergreen Faculty-Led Programs

To verify with the faculty leader(s) that you're eligible for the program. Find their contact information on the program's course catalog page.

Apply for an Exchange Program

All materials should be submitted by the posted deadline. Exceptions will be made for recommendations as it is beyond student control. 

Application Components

  • Recommendation form
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Sample Academic Writing
  • Personal Information
  • Program Details
  • Acknowledgments 

Apply for a Consortium Program

Evergreen Approval

Request approval by the posted deadlines

Application Components

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Personal Information
  • Program Details
  • Acknowledgments 

Consortium Organization Application

In addition to the Evergreen application, students will most likely need to complete the consortium program's application. Be sure to verify their application deadline and please know that you can start and/or complete their application before receiving approval from Evergreen

How to Apply for a Study Abroad ILC/INT

Complete the application below by the posted deadline

In addition to completing the following application, students must locate an Evergreen faculty sponsor for an ILC or INT who will help develop the contract. INT students will also need field supervisors who are a part of the organization where the student interns.

If you have questions about how to create and submit your contract on My Evergreen, reach out to your faculty sponsor or the Academic Deans Office at

Be aware of deadlines and plan ahead!

Questions? Contact the Office of International Programs & Services



International Programs & Services

LIB 2153

2700 Evergreen Parkway NW

Olympia, Washington 98505

The application and approval process for Evergreen Exchange and Approved Consortium programs include a Statement of Purpose. See guiding questions below for reference. 

  • How will studying or interning abroad help you achieve your future academic or professional goals?
  • Why did you select your specific program and host country?
  • How are you academically prepared to be a successful scholar abroad?
  • What examples of knowledge, skills, and experiences will you draw on to meet the challenges of going abroad?