Apply to Study Abroad

Application protocols depend on the type of program selected

    Verify with the faculty leader(s) that you're eligible for the program. Find their contact information on the program's course catalog page. 

    Submit the Statement of Intent to Study Abroad by the deadline. 

    Complete any requirements from the faculty leaders.

How to Apply for an Exchange Program

All materials should be submitted by the posted deadline. Exceptions will be made for recommendations as it is beyond student control. 

    Complete the Application for Evergreen Exchange (DOC / PDF)

    Write and submit a one-page letter of interest, single spaced, indicating your reasons for applying, your goals, why you feel you are prepared, any projects you will undertake, and any indicators of maturity, responsibility, and leadership.

    Request two recommenders (professional or academic) complete the Exchange Recommendation Form. At least one must be a current or previous college-level instructor. 

    The forms should be submitted in either in sealed and signed envelopes, or sent directly to via email.

    Submit a printout of your Academic History from your account AND official transcripts from any other institutions where you earned 45 or more credits. 

    Submit one sample (from a current or previous course or program) of your academic writing, 5-10 pages long, that shows research, analysis, or argument.  No creative writing.

    The Review Committee may also request an interview with each applicant, at their discretion. Additional language assessment may be required based on your program of choice. 

How to Apply for a Consortium Program

Requirements 1 - 3 should be submitted by the posted deadlines

    Write and submit (Word document or PDF) at least one paragraph indicating how your selected program will help you work toward personal, professional, and/or academic goals. 

    Submit a printout (or PDF) of your Academic History from your account AND official transcripts from any other institutions where you earned 45 or more credits.

    Proceed to the consortium website to begin the application process directly on their site. Be sure to complete all consortium application forms and processes by their application deadline. 

    Some programs require home institution (Evergreen) approval before full study abroad admissions is granted. If asked or prompted, indicate that Brynn Smith is your Evergreen approver ( 

How to Apply for a Study Abroad ILC/INT

    Locate your Evergreen faculty sponsor for an ILC or INT who will help you develop your contract. INT students will also need field supervisors who are a part of the organization where the student interns.

    With your faculty sponsor's help, create and submit your ILC/INT contract.

Be aware of deadlines and plan ahead!

Unless otherwise specified, application materials can be submitted to the Office of International Programs & Services.



International Programs & Services

LIB 2153

2700 Evergreen Parkway NW

Olympia, Washington 98505