International Programs & Services

Understand your study abroad options, the planning process, and how to have a safe and productive educational experience while overseas.

Study abroad program trips for Spring 2020 to China, France, Greece, Ireland, and Italy have been canceled. Find out more about these and other programs on the Study Abroad and COVID-19 page.

Please also review COVID-19 information available on the Wellness Center site.

Study abroad New Zealand PhotoBasic Process:

  • Learn about the possibilities for study abroad through Evergreen faculty-led programs, Individual Learning Contracts, Internship Contracts, 2-for-2 Exchange Programs, Partner Programs, and more.

  • Review some important guidelines that could impact your planning process.

  • Discuss your prospective choices for study abroad with the Office of International Programs.

  • Thoroughly understand the costs of your study abroad program and options for funding it.

  • Complete application and administrative processes, both externally and at Evergreen.

  • Once approved for study abroad, continue preparing for a productive, safe, and fun experience.

Information Sessions: Study Abroad Information sessions are held many Wednesday afternoons. For an up-to-date schedule, check here: 

Important Guidelines:

  • Study in countries ranked at Level 3 or 4 by the US State Department is restricted or not allowed. Please consult with the Office of International Programs in advance.  Country Information

  • Students who are not in good academic standing may not be eligible for some options.

  • Students who have a significant disciplinary history at Evergreen may not be eligible for some options.

  • Students must participate in one quarter of interdisciplinary study before they can study abroad, depending on the mode of study. Transfer students may petition for exception.

  • Learning contracts and Internships contracts are each limited to a maximum of 48 credits total over the course of your studies at Evergreen.

  • Consortium study is limited to one academic year in total. Some have additional restrictions.

  • Consortium study is limited to non-US destinations only, unless explicitly exempted.

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