Master of Public Administration

The MPA programs emphasize social change and democratic governance—perfect for the student who wants to make the world a better place.

About our MPA Programs

We designed our Master of Public Administration graduate program for busy adults—in fact, you can get your MPA in as little as two years while attending classes in the evening and on weekends.

As a nationally ranked master’s college, we’ll provide you with a thorough and rigorous foundation in the core aspects of public administration. You’ll also be able to specialize in one of three concentrations that match your goals and career:

  • Tribal Governance: management, policy, and leadership for indigenous organizations, governments, and those who work with them
  • Public & Nonprofit Administration: management, finance, and leadership
  • Public Policy: understanding, communicating, and shaping policy

Join our learning communities (cohorts) – Olympia, Tacoma, and Tribal Governance – as we work together for positive change.

Affordable, Convenient, Dynamic

Evergreen’s MPA program is one of the most affordable programs available, with tuition and fees for Washington State residents at two-thirds or less of the cost of our Northwest competitors. Find out more about program costs and the many types of aid available.

Image of Analytical Techniques for Public Service Students in Tribal Governance Cohort

Our program features many of the aspects that makes an Evergreen education unique and successful: collaborative and interdisciplinary programs, narrative evaluations, and a focus on experiential learning. You can enroll full-time and complete the program in two years, or choose to attend part-time and get your MPA in as little as three years. All classes meet in the evening or on the weekends to meet the needs of adult students.

Check Out How the Program Works

You can also try us out before you're admitted to the program. Learn more about becoming a Special Student (Non-admitted Graduate Students and Undergraduate Students).

Olympia Cohort


Marcia Zitzelman at (360) 338-5771 (cell)

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Tacoma Cohort

Tacoma Cohort - Fall 2023

Tribal Governance Cohort

Tribal Governance Cohort - Fall 2024


Puanani Nihoa, MPA at  (360) 688-4780 (cell)

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