Master of Environmental Studies Staff


Kevin Francis, Director

Kevin is a historian and philosopher of science, with particular interest in the development of the environmental sciences. Kevin studied biology and philosophy at Reed College. After graduating, he spent several years working as a wildlife biologist for Mt. Hood National Forest. His graduate studies at the University of Minnesota focused on history of science and medicine. His historical research concerns scientific efforts to understand the mass extinction of North American megafauna (e.g. mammoth, mastodon, giant ground sloth) around 12,000 years ago, especially the way that various disciplines approach this problem. Kevin currently serves as the MES Director and Faculty member.

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Averi Azar

Averi Azar, Assistant Director

An MES alumna (2018), Averi provides administrative support and direction for prospective and current MES students to help them navigate the admissions process and the graduate student experience in MES. Averi is a former Evergreen undergraduate student with her Bachelor of Arts in Gothic and Classical Architecture and Literature and a Bachelor of Science in Pacific Northwest Environmental Science. Averi received her MES degree with a focus on intertidal communities, specifically examining the keystone species, Pisaster ochraceus and new methods for researching Sea star Wasting Disease. Professionally, Averi has focused on a career in higher education, working in student services as a Program Assistant and then a Financial Aid Advisor before joining the MES team. Contact her with your questions about program curriculum, job and internship opportunities, and for help with the admissions process, registration, and much more.

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Student Employees

Jordan Elie

Jordan Elie, Program Assistant

I am a current Evergreen undergraduate, in my senior year, emphasizing my education around marine science and ecology. Both the mystery of the ocean and the excitement to discover what we do not currently know about it have fueled me to study marine science. I plan on pursuing a master's degree through the MES program here at Evergreen and would like to dedicate my vocation to studying deep-sea ecology and evolution. I spent my early career as a personal trainer and supplemental advisor helping clients develop and achieve their personal health and fitness goals; I enjoy working with individuals, doing as much as I can to help them reach what they have set out to do. My background is in customer service, and I enjoy learning more about life through the eyes of others. I support the program as another point of contact and am here as a resource for current and prospective MES students for information regarding jobs, internships, events and overall program inquiries. Reach out regarding opportunities to share environmental jobs, internships, events and trainings you think our environmental community may want to know about through the MES Weekly Jobs Blog!

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MESA Coordinators

Current students and members of the student group MESA, they are at the helm of MES's only student organization. As coordinators, they organize regular social hiking events and litter clean up efforts, as well as the Rachel Carson Forum in the spring. They can be contacted at

Keira Jensen: Second Year Coordinator

Teaching Assistants

These students serve as additional academic support in their respective areas. These positions are part time student employment, like many other jobs available on campus.

image of current MES student Greyson Kingen

Greyson Kingen, Geographic Information Systems Assistant

Greyson Kingen is a 3rd year MES student serving as the Teaching assistant for the GIS program taught by Mike Ruth. Greyson completed his Bachelor of Science with a focus in environmental science at the Evergreen State College. He has completed the Evergreen GIS certificate as well as the ArcGIS Pro Foundations certification from ESRI Academy. Greyson’s MES thesis research will focus on the affects of sea level rise and shoreline armoring on the eelgrass Zostera marina.