New Employee Onboarding Guide

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Before Your First Day

Your First Day

First, meet with your new supervisor! They'll help you through all the steps of getting started as a new Evergreen employee.

Download a checklist (PDF)

You'll also need to visit the following offices:

Human Resource Services

  • Bring a printed copy of the USCIS I-9 form with Section 1 completed. You will also need acceptable documents for us to complete Section 2. A list of acceptable documents is included with the Form I-9 instructions. Be sure to bring photo ID and any necessary documents for completing the I-9.
  • If you've worked for another state agency within the last five years, you can request that your sick leave be transferred. Ask us how.
  • Schedule with HRS a Time and Leave system training overview.

Payroll and Benefits

Learn more about Payroll and Benefits, including medical and dental insurance and retirement benefits, and review the pay dates.

  • Turn in your W-4 form.
  • Schedule a benefits orientation.

Registration and Records

  • Get your staff ID.

Parking Services

Key Services

  • Turn in a signed Key Authorization Form to get any keys you may need. You'll need your staff ID.

Get familiar with My Evergreen employee portal

  • Go to "Profile" to make sure your name and address are correct. You can also add or edit an emergency contact.
  • Under the Employee section, you can view your Pay History and benefits deduction information.
  • Under the Community section, go to Emergency Campus Notifications to sign up for text alerts. You‘ll always be notified when campus is closed.
  • You can also use My Evergreen to certify your work time, manage leave requests (see Leave/Holiday and Time Sheets and Work Certifications). Other helpful resources Time and Leave Help

Union Presentation

Represented employees may use thirty (30) minutes of paid release time to attend a union orientation meeting to receive information about the Union and the applicable union contract. The Union will contact you with meeting date, time, and location information.

For additional information visit Support and information for Evergreen’s faculty and staff


Your First Week

There's lots to learn as you get started, but be sure to talk to your supervisor about these topics:

  • Your job description, role, responsibilities, and expectations
  • Work assignments including deadlines and available resources
  • The performance evaluation process
  • Unit and College policies and procedures that directly relate to your position
  • How your position works with other positions and units, and how your department fits into the larger college community
  • Basic information about the college, how it works, how many students we have, etc.
  • Schedule recurring check-in or update meetings
  • Other recurring meetings and upcoming events and activities
  • Training that you have completed or will need to complete
  • What you should do for inclement weather or suspended operations

Download a checklist (PDF).