Eric Stein

I emphasize inclusive, student-centered teaching

eric stein looking over their shoulder

Eric Stein teaches programs that explore language and power, social media, modernity, materiality, ruins, urban planning, and medicine and the body. Professor Stein shares, "I'm genuinely excited about what I teach and I put a lot of effort into making the learning experience valuable for everyone". 

"I emphasize inclusive, student-centered teaching that aims to meet each student's needs and capacities and emphasize areas for growth and discovery".

As part of an ongoing project, Eric is considering colonialism and decolonization as it relates to ethical collaborative social research, "students in my programs often do audio field recording, in-depth interviewing, and archival research". Recently, Professor Stein was the faculty scholar at the Washington Center Learning and Teaching Commons, one of Evergreen's public service centers; his main project was collaborating with students to design accessible and equitable syllabi. 


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