Eric Stein


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Since coming to Evergreen in 2007, I have co-taught in programs that explore language and power, social media, modernity, materiality, ruins, urban planning, and medicine and the body. My earlier research studied public health--especially hygiene and family planning--within the histories of colonialism, decolonization, and nationalism in twentieth century Indonesia. In an ongoing visual book project on oral history, archival studies, and ethnography, I am thinking through questions of colonialism and decolonization to consider what it would mean to engage in ethically grounded, self-reflexive, collaborative social research. As part of this work, students in my programs often do audio field recording, in-depth interviewing, and archival research. Recently, I was the faculty scholar at Evergreen’s Learning and Teaching Commons; my major project involved collaborating with students to design more accessible and equitable class syllabi. In the upcoming years I will be teaching programs related to waste, play, health, and memory.


Ph.D., Anthropology and History, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, 2005; M.A., Anthropology and History, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, 2001; B.A., Anthropology and Philosophy, University of Wisconsin Madison, 1995.

Teaching Style

I emphasize inclusive, student-centered teaching that aims to meet each student's needs and capacities and emphasize areas for growth and discovery. I'm genuinely excited about what I teach and I put a lot of effort into making the learning experience valuable for everyone.

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