Media Production Planning Guide

Production Requests

To initiate your support request, please use the appropriate form below and we'll follow up with you about your particular production needs:

  • Production Request: for on-campus, in-person support for sound reinforcement, projection, recording, and broadcasting.
  • Remote Media Production Request: for webinars, Zoom meetings, web-based recording, and other remote support.
  • Video Request: for assistance in recording or crafting video content, especially complex content creation.

On-campus events will need an approved COVID safety plan! For additional info about operations during the pandemic, please refer to the Evergreen COVID-19 site.


If possible, please contact us at least four weeks prior to your event to ensure support. For large, complex productions, call us as soon as you start planning -- even if all the details aren't worked out.


Request Information

Contact & Area

We'll need to know:

Student Groups

Remember that your advisor must be a part of any request made by a student group! Please include their name on your request as well as information about coordinator(s) and the group itself.

  • Primary event organizer
  • Day-of point-of-contact
  • Workgroup
    • If Student Group
      • Group Name
      • Student Coordinator(s)
      • Advisor
  • Budget / Org
    • We require a budget number for all non-academic support requests.


Event Information

  • Name of event
  • Event date(s)
  • Event time(s), including the start and finish for each day and event
  • Location of the event(s)
  • Expected attendance
  • General event format (speaker, panel, webinar, concert, etc.)


Media Needs

Do you need a PA system for a speaker? Webinar for a remote panel? Multi-camera recording and broadcast for a major event? Please select all options that apply.

If you're not sure what you need, that's okay! We'll work with you to figure out what support makes sense considering the event format and space.


Location and Space Reservations

We'll need to know the official campus building and space name, as well as the length of the space reservation. For events requiring us to setup within the space, we'll need additional setup and strike time to be added to the reservation.

In-person media support requests require a reservation with Space Scheduling prior to securing media support.

Certain campus spaces are better suited to media support, and can make a big difference in quality, cost, and/or our ability to provide the requested service. For instance, Purce Hall 1 and the Recital Hall (in the Communications Building) have significant infrastructure for multi-camera video recording and broadcast.

If holding off-campus, please share general event information to the best of your ability. Note that out ability to provide support for off-campus events is very limited.


Space Setup Considerations

If the space will be set up differently than it's normal arrangement, please share any additional information about staging, seating (including bleachers), tables, and other changes so that we can safely position equipment and run cables. Diagrams of space layouts are particularly helpful!

If you are using the Longhouse, you will need to contact Facilities for wall moves or bleacher moves.



Contact Electronic Media.



Evergreen Event Scheduling Resources: