Academic Certificate Policy

Policy for 2022-2023 and beyond coming soon.


The certificate policy below is for all academic certificates offered in 2021-2022.

Students must meet any course/program prerequisites, apply for the certificate, register for the required offerings, and earn all required credits to be awarded the certificate. The certificate will be documented in the student’s evaluation via standardized credit equivalencies and a final certificate. 

Credit earned prior to fall 2021 will not be applied to 21-22 Academic Certificates. 

Application for Certificate Enrollment and Fees
Students enrolling in an academic certificate program must pay a non-refundable enrollment fee: 

  • Admitted, Degree-Seeking Student Enrollment, $30.00 
    Fee covers the administrative cost of joining the certificate curriculum, completion and provision of a Certificate. 

  • Non-Admitted Student Enrollment, $60.00 
    Fee covers the administrative cost of enrolling at Evergreen, joining the Certificate curriculum, completion and provision of a Certificate. 

Students must enroll using the Academic Certificate Enrollment Form no later than the 10th day of the first quarter of the certificate. Late enrollment requests are on a case-by-case basis, email to petition to enroll in an Academic Certificate late. 

Leave of Absence 
The 21-22 Certificates are a pilot program and may or may not continue in subsequent years. Normally, students enrolled in a certificate program are expected to complete the requirements of the certificate as designed in sequence in a single year. Students may take a leave from the certificate program and complete remaining requirements of the certificate in a subsequent year where the certificate program is offered. Students who are not seeking a degree and take leave will need to re-apply with reduced $30.00 application fee for the certificate in subsequent years.  

To take leave or withdraw from the certificate, please use the Change of Status form located on Registration and Records Forms webpage.  

Course and Program Registration and Refunds 
Students (both admitted and non-admitted) will follow all the registration and admissions policies appropriate to their admission status (i.e. academic standing, deadlines, leave of absence, refund, late registration, etc.). 

Tuition is charged at regular undergraduate or graduate tuition rates.  You can check in the catalog whether a certificate course is listed as undergraduate or graduate.

Financial Aid 
Degree-seeking (matriculated) Evergreen students can apply financial aid towards the course or program in the certificate. Financial aid is not available to nondegree-seeking students (not matriculated).