Climate Policy and Action: Science and Policy Basics

Fall 2022
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
8 Credits per quarter
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The world’s best scientists have warned that we must cut global carbon emissions by nearly half by 2030 and make far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society in order to keep global heating to the safest level (1.5 degrees Celsius). But, if we only consider the current emergency without historical context, we may fail to understand some of the fundamental reasons why we got into this mess. And by misdiagnosing the cause, we may pursue inadequate solutions.

This program explores key concepts in climate science and policy. We consider how greenhouse gas emissions (i.e. atmospheric gases that cause global heating) are enmeshed in our very own social, political, and economic systems, which therefore demand broad, transformative change. One way to imagine these changes is through policy responses. Yet, we need to develop a foundation in the science of climate change to engage in meaningful conversations and debates about policy prescriptions and other climate actions.

This program helps students gain climate literacy and begins to unpack the disparate impacts that climate change has on different communities locally and globally. Building on the work of human geographers, earth, marine, and atmospherics scientists, and environmental sociologists we will examine the scientific knowledge informing mitigation and adaptation measures. We will review frameworks for integrating science into public policy, and start to address some of the challenges of multi-level environmental governance.

The fundamental goal of this program is to equip you to better understand basic concepts in climate science, policy, and action. Greater understanding can yield more effective action.


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