Transfer Students

Wherever you are on your academic journey, our flexible curriculum, generous credit transfer policy, and supportive learning environment make Evergreen an ideal choice.

More than half of our students come to Evergreen with existing credits. Here’s why:

  • Evergreen’s generous credit transfer policies—every transferable credit counts toward your accredited bachelor’s degree.
  • Academically rigorous and individually tailored, Evergreen empowers students to build your own unique academic pathways.
  • Evergreen’s commitment to student research, writing, and seminar prepares students to thrive in graduate school.
  • Students enjoy easy access to top-notch professional staff and faculty who are all dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.
  • Evergreen’s Veterans Resource Center helps veterans, active duty service members, and military partners access your benefits and excel in the classroom.
Katie Rains ’08, transfer student

I was jumping through all of the hoops for my degree, but realized that I wasn't really directing my education. When I came to Evergreen I started driving my college experience more fully, honing in on food systems and community organizing.

Katie Rains ’08, Executive Director of GRuB, transfer student