Student Group Leaders

Circus Resurgence

Circus Resurgence's booth at the Fall Activities Fair.

Forms and Handbook

Download the Student Activities Handbook (PDF).

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Student Leadership Activity Reports (SLAR)

The SLAR is required for all groups that receive S&A Board funding. All coordinators in the group must participate in reporting, either by listing their names collectively or by submitting separate reports. Reports are due once per quarter.

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Deadlines and Paydays

If you receive a learning allotment and complete your reports by the deadline, your check or direct deposit will be available on the pay dates below. If you miss the deadlines, your checks will be delayed.

Reporting Period SLAR Due to Student Activities Check Available (learning allotment)
Fall 2020 October 21st November 10th
Winter 2021 January 27th February 10th
Spring 2021 April 21st May 10th
Summer 2021 July 21st August 10th

The Outdoor Program

The Outdoor Program gets the word out to gain more members, and just has some fun in the sun.


If you want to request money from the S&A Board, you'll need to write a budget proposal. Start by talking to your advisor.