Study Abroad Application and Aid

Application Requirements and Deadlines

Evergreen has four distinct study abroad program types, each with its own application process. Before applying to a program, review the general study abroad guidelines and application information. Ensure you are staying on track by checking the application deadlines, in addition to any program-specific application requirements and dates. 

Application Deadlines

To help organize your planning

Getting Started

Evergreen's International Programs and Services is here to support students to reach their goal of studying abroad.

Use these deadlines to help organize your planning. Studying abroad often requires a significant amount of preparation with other deadlines set by multiple outside organizations, such as consular offices and third-party program providers.

When should I apply?

Application deadlines are based on the desired terms abroad and the type of program selected.

Study Abroad Application Deadlines

Varies by program. See individual program pages for deadlines.
Mid February - Early MayMid August - Mid OctoberMid October
See individual program pages for deadlines.
Early March - Early JuneMid August - Mid NovemberMid October - Mid February
Each program has its own deadline, students should check the consortium organization's website for their deadline. Deadlines on Evergreen study abroad portal may not align with the organization's deadlines.
Individual Study Abroad

Faculty-led Programs Abroad

Students and faculty engage in cross cultural education through courses abroad and programs with study abroad components. Find your program and apply today. 

Apply to Faculty-Led Programs

Exchange Programs

Students visit partner schools and study abroad fully immersed in another culture for a portion of the academic year. Students can study at partner schools and pay Evergreen rates. Find your program and apply today. 

Apply to Exchange Programs

Consortium Programs

Similar to exchange programs, students work with schools engaged in approved partner programs to study abroad. Find your program and apply today. 

Students must complete an Evergreen study abroad application and complete any additional application processes required by their chosen consortium program. Students can start and/or complete their consortium application before receiving approval from Evergreen. Make sure to review any consortium specific deadlines. 

Apply to Consortium Programs

Independent Learning Abroad

Students interested in studying abroad with an Independent Learning Contract or Internship can do so through our Independent Learning program. This is often the least expensive and most accessible way to study abroad. 

Students must complete an Evergreen study abroad application and complete any additional application processes required by their chosen program. Make sure to review any external and program-specific deadlines. Questions about ILC/INT contracts should be directed to faculty sponsors or Academic Deans 

Apply to Independent Learning Abroad

Study abroad sounds great, but how can I afford it?

Although study abroad can be affordable, financial planning is different from a typical quarter on campus. Review the costs. Make a budget. Plan ahead.

Costs and Fees

Costs and fees will vary based on program, duration, location, and experiences during the study abroad. Make sure to check the course or program information for specific pricing. 

Cost Breakdown

Program Type

Total Cost 

Faculty-Led Courses Abroad 

Current Tuition + Program Fees + Variable Fees 

Exchange Programs

Current Tuition + Admin Fee + Cost of Living Abroad

Consortium Programs

Consortium Enrollment Fee + Consortium Program Fee + Additional Expenses (does not include Evergreen tuition)

Study Abroad ILC/INT

Current Tuition + Admin Fee + Cost of Living Abroad

Fee Breakdown

  • Study Abroad Admin Fee: $100
  • Faculty- Led Courses Abroad Admin Fee: $400
  • Consortium Enrollment: $425/semester

Variable Fees and Expenses 

These fees are not included in program fees and not charged to student accounts. These costs are to be covered by the student. 

  • Transportation to your destination from US
  • Personal expenses/activities 
  • Passport fees
  • Medical examination and necessary vaccinations or immunizations
  • Additional costs may vary by experience 

Study Abroad and Financial Aid

Because additional expenses are typical with study abroad, students receiving financial aid may submit a budget detailing their additional costs. Evergreen's Financial Aid Office will take these expenses into account and may adjust financial aid awards. It can take four to eight weeks to receive financial aid and additional expenses approval, students should plan accordingly.

Students already receiving financial aid can submit the appropriate paperwork to financial aid. If approved, the financial aid amount will be increased by the difference between the allowable documented costs and Evergreen's standard budget allowance.

Students who do not currently receive financial aid, but want to apply should speak to Financial Aid and complete these steps after the financial aid application has been submitted. 

Applying for Financial Aid


Scholarships are a great way to fund or supplement your costs for your study abroad experience! There are many scholarships available to students based on what students are studying, when and where they want to study abroad, identities, and more. 

Undergraduate Scholarships

Evergreen Scholarships

Travel abroad

Evergreen has scholarships available to support students traveling abroad during winter, spring, and summer quarters. Applications open and close in fall quarter. Visit Evergreen Undergraduate Scholarships for more details and the application process.

U.S. Government Scholarships

External Scholarships

Evergreen receives scholarship announcements and applications from many outside sources. Review our External Scholarships for more information

Benjamin A. Gilman Award

What's the Gilman Scholarship? It's an award from the US State Department "enabling Pell Grant students to study or intern abroad, providing them with skills critical to our national security and economic prosperity. The Institute of International Education has administered the program since its inception in 2001."

Who can apply for a Gilman Award? Undergraduate students who are U.S. citizens receiving a Pell Grant, and who are either in the process of applying or have been accepted for a study abroad program? Learn more about eligibility requirements on the program website. 

How much is the award? Students can receive up to $5,000 to help pay for their study abroad program.

When is the application due for the Gilman Scholarship? There are two deadlines per year. Check out their website to find out more about deadlines and timelines. 

How to write the Gilman Scholarship essay:
Gilman Scholarship Essays Workshop (Youtube)

Evergreen students have received an above average number of Gilman Awards over the years. However, the process can be involved -- don't delay and begin the application process ASAP. 

Gilman Scholarship

Gilman-McCain Scholarship

Who can apply for a Gilman-McCain Scholarship? Undergraduate students who are U.S. citizens receiving Title IV funding, and are a dependent child of an active duty military member(s) during the time of application. Learn more about eligibility requirements on the program website. 

What's the Gilman-McCain Scholarship? It's an award funded by an initiative of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State and named after the late senator John S. McCain from Arizona. The Gilman-McCain Scholarship provides awards of $5,000 for child dependents of active duty service members to study or intern abroad on credit-bearing programs.

When is the application due for the Gilman-McCain Scholarship? The application portal opens in mid-August for the October deadline. Check out their website to find out more about deadlines and timelines. 

Gilman-McCain Scholarship

Critical Language Scholarship (CLS)

The Critical Language Scholarship (a program of the U.S. State Department) is a summer study abroad opportunity for American college and university students to learn languages essential to America’s engagement with the world. The award typically covers to majority of expenses associated with a summer, language-learning study abroad program. 

Critical Language Scholarship

Boren Scholarships

Boren Scholarships fund study abroad by U.S. undergraduate students in world regions critical to U.S. interests. Students focus on language, culture, and service. It's a program of the U.S. Department of Defense. 

When is the application due? Applications must be submitted between June and March. 

How long is the duration? Programs last between 12 and 52 weeks. Learn more and plan ahead by visiting the Boren Awards website! 

Boren Scholarships

Budgeting for Study Abroad

Get your budget in order a full quarter before you leave. Planning a trip outside the U.S. presents an array of challenges including finding the money you will need. Not only do you have to have enough money, you will need to carefully plan how you spend and access your funds while abroad. 

Prepare your study abroad budget in advance by using one of the following templates:

Get Help with your Budget

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