While Abroad

Congratulations! You made it to your location! The following resources are designed to help you maximize your study abroad experience.


All new situations require adjustment, and studying abroad is no different. 

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Health & Wellness

To take full advantage of your study abroad opportunity, prioritize your well-being. Upon arrival, take it easy -- drink lots of water, get plenty of rest, and eat healthy foods that your body is accustomed to. Be intentional about creating good habits. Habits (good and bad) are more likely to continue when started early. 

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Reflection & Processing

Although it's easy and fun to get caught up in the day-to-day experiences, leave room for reflection and processing throughout your program. You may want to journal, blog, make videos, take pictures, etc. 


Sustainable & Responsible Travel

Although it's important to have fun, recognize that international travel is an incredible privilege that most people in the world are not able to experience. Consider the impacts you have on your host community -- environmentally, economically, and socio-culturally, and look for ways to mitigate negative impacts.