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Preparation is key to a successful study abroad experience!

There is a lot to do and learn before leaving for your program. You may find yourself balancing requirements from many entities, such as Evergreen, foreign consulates, and program leaders, as well as engaging in your own independent preparations.

These comprehensive resources are designed to help make sure you don't miss any important details. 

PD reqs

Complete ALL Pre-Departure Requirements

Once you complete all of Evergreen's Study Abroad Pre-departure Requirements, you will be fully authorized for and enrolled in your study abroad terms. 


Travel Documents

Unless you participate in a domestic, USA-based program, you will need specific travel documentation (i.e. passport and visa/residence permit). Acquiring documentation be can take a long time, so you want to begin this process at least a 4 months prior to departure. 


Financial Planning

Use the online Budgeting Form to understand costs of your study abroad program. Meet with Financial Aid to discuss ways to pay for your experience. 

research host

Research your Host Community

Although you can't know everything about your host community, it's important to arrive with some basic knowledge and background information. Research local politics, government systems, diet/foods, weather, transportation systems, etc. before you leave. 


Health & Wellness

Do you need immunizations to enter your host country? Can you get the medication you need abroad? Will you have access to your normal self-care practices? 


Safety Abroad

Develop an understanding of common safety concerns and ways to mitigate them throughout the duration of your program. 


Consider your Identities

How might you be perceived in your host community? How might your identities be challenged while abroad? Although it's impossible to fully know what it will be like, be sure to factor in your identity when engaging in health and safety planning. 


Make Plans

Make a plan for how you will arrive in country to help ensure your safety. Also, consider how you will communicate with those in and outside your host country.