Health & Wellness Abroad


Many countries require certain vaccine records prior to or at the time of entry. To find out which are required and recommended, visit the US State Department Country pages. Don't delay this process! You may need a series of shots with weeks between each dose. 

Assess Health Risks in Host Country

The countries you are visiting all have some kind of health risks. It is very important that you make yourself aware of these risks so that you may take precautions, such as: immunizations, preventive medications, insect protections, avoidance strategies, food & water safety, preparing for environmental and climate risks, among others. Use these resources to understand the various health risks that you may encounter:

Assess your Personal Health Needs 

Use the Student Health Review Worksheet to review your health conditions for your planned study abroad situation. Remember that anything that has been a health concern for you in the U.S. is likely to continue, or be even more challenging when studying abroad. Most sections have links to helpful websites to help inform you of risks and strategies for staying healthy or seeking assistance. 

Consult with Health Provider

Evergreen does not require your health provider signature or approval as part of this process, however, we strongly recommend you consult with one of the following as part of your health and safety planning. Your completed Student Health Review will assist your health provider in advising you for your destinations.

International Health Insurance

Before you leave, review your health insurance plan and policy. You don't want to wait to learn how it operates until the moment you need it.