Evergreen is a great place to build a foundation for a career in education. You’ll find programs and courses that explore national, state, and local school policies; cover theories about learning and cognitive development; observe and engage in classrooms; and learn strategies for working with second language learners.

Our coursework relevant to teaching English language learners (ELLs) in K-adult classrooms includes the study of multicultural education, language acquisition theory, literacy, linguistics, qualitative research, curriculum design, critical pedagogy, and assessment strategies specific to Washington’s K-12 ELL Endorsement and Development standards, as well as TESOL standards (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) for adult ELLs.  

You will have opportunities to develop your content knowledge in specific teaching areas such as mathematics, English language arts, and the sciences, preparing you for application to a post-baccalaureate teacher certification program. Staff can provide you with guidance as you navigate the curriculum on your way to a successful and fulfilling teaching career.

Faculty Associated With This Field
Title Expertise
Campbell, Sara Sunshine mathematics teacher education
Napolitan, Kate teacher education, graphic design
Wiedenhaupt, Sonja social and personality psychology

Choosing What to Take at Evergreen

You’ll choose what you study to earn a Bachelor’s degree that’s meaningful to you. Some students decide their programs as they go, while others chart their course in advance.

Aim for both breadth and depth; explore fields that may be related or that may seem very distant. You'll be surprised at what you discover.

If you're new to college, look for programs where you can gain a foundation, build key skills, and broaden your knowledge (FR only, FR-SO, or FR-SR).

If you already have a foundation in this field, look for programs with intermediate or advanced material (SO-SR, JR-SR, or FR-SR). These programs may include community-based learning and in-depth research. Some of these programs have specific prerequisites; check the description for details.

Talk to an academic advisor to get help figuring out what coursework is best for you.