Early Childhood Education Emphasis

Early Childhood Education 

This area of emphasis provides a linguistic and culturally responsive education in Early Childhood Education.

The curriculum prepares students for entry into a variety of early childhood education certification programs. At Evergreen Tacoma, students complete their studies with a Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal studies, with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education.

Scholarship Opportunities

Early Childhood Education students working for an Early Achievers site are encouraged to apply for scholarships.

2023-24 Program Content

Fall 2023

16 Credits

Lyceum: Reflective Practicum I
Developing skills for community-based participatory action research within the field of early childhood education.
6 Credits

Theatre of the Oppressed
Critically examining the content, authority, and portrayal of representation in theater, film and TV. With an emphasis on analyzing and evaluating real life examples of reasoning thru representation and performance.
5 Credits

Storytelling, Play, and Literacy
Examining definitions of literacy, the significance of literacy skills, and literacy development among young children and their families in dual language and multilingual communities.
5 Credits

Winter 2024

16 Credits

Lyceum: Reflective Practicum II
Refining your focus based on professional, community and cultural interests.
6 Credits 

Cultivating a Sense of Belonging: Inclusion and Universal Design
An inclusive and universal design responds to the language, culture, developmental level, abilities and interests of all of the children.
5 Credits

The History, Philosophy and Ethics of Early Childhood Education
A focus on the moral complexities that illuminate the dilemmas of everyday life in classrooms.
5 Credits

Spring 2024

16 Credits

Lyceum: Reflective Practicum III
Social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion will be the grounding context.
6 Credits

Learning Environments and Practicum
Improving instruction through direct interactions with children and families.
5 Credits

Linguistically and Culturally Responsive Early Childhood Education
A guide in creating socially oriented, child-centered, cultural arts-based curricula for young children in dual language, multilingual and culturally responsive early childhood settings.
5 Credits