Ecology is the study of organisms, their interactions with one another, and their environments. You will develop both basic and applied skills in inquiry in ecological science by applying chemistry, quantitative reasoning, and basic biological principles in real-world ecosystems. Study mutualisms between species, changes in communities, responses to climate change, ecosystem management, ecological restoration, and interactions from genes to ecosystems.

You will have the opportunity to participate in signature programs that focus on grasslands and wetlands, forests and woodlands, rivers and streams, oceans and estuaries, and urban landscapes.

Capstone experiences in this field may include internships or research through participation in research-oriented programs, Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships, and undergraduate research with faculty in the Environmental Studies Path.

Explore Evergreen's natural learning labs: a 1,000-acre rain forest, open shoreline, and five freshwater streams right in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Walk from your classroom to the field and find protected areas, dam removal sites, and long-term research and ecological restoration sites to engage with.

Join us in an education that doesn't just change your life—it gives you the tools to change the world.

Faculty Associated With This Field
Title Expertise
Bowcutt, Frederica botany, ecology, environmental history
Calabria, Lalita botany, phytochemistry, systematics
Chin-Leo, Gerardo oceanography, marine biology
Cook, Amy ecology, vertebrate biology
Fischer, Dylan forest and plant ecology
LeRoy, Carri freshwater ecology, quantitative biology, environmental education
Martin, Erin chemical oceanography, biogeochemistry, freshwater ecology
Paros, Michael veterinary medicine
Przybylowicz, Paul ecology, biology, mycology
Rosemeyer, Martha agricultural ecology, food systems
Scheuerell, Steven ecology, botany, plant pathology
Styring, Alison ornithology
Withey, John ecology, conservation biology, wildlife biology
Yu, Pauline marine science