Classical Studies

Classical Studies is the collective term for the many disciplines that study the ancient Mediterranean cultures of Greece and Rome. Traditionally, the main emphasis is placed on Greece from the fifteenth to the fourth centuries BCE, and Rome from the seventh century BCE to the fourth century CE.

Classical Studies are fundamentally interdisciplinary and encompass:

  • History
  • Literature
  • Art
  • Philosophy
  • Architecture
  • Societal organization
  • Archaeology
  • Greek and Latin languages

Part of studying Classics means that you will learn the methods of historians, philologists, archaeologists, art historians, and philosophers. You will gain not only an understanding of these ancient cultures, but also learn how they functioned as part of a multi-ethnic, inter-connected ancient world centered on the Mediterranean Sea.

An important part of this inquiry will be the legacy of these cultures, because many things that we take for granted today—from literary forms such as tragedy and comedy to our system of laws and ideal of democratic government—have their origins in Ancient Greece and Rome.

Faculty Associated With This Field
Title Expertise
Beck, Stephen philosophy
Krotscheck, Ulrike classics, archaeology
Reece, Andrew classical art and literature

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Selected Programs 2021-22
Title Class Standing Credits
Odyssey: Art and Archaeology in Greece and Italy
  • Freshman
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior
Taste: Archaeology and the Ancient Mediterranean
  • Freshman
  • Sophomore
Word Play: Literature, Creative Writing, and Poetics of Catastrophe
  • Freshman
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior