Lab Safety

Laboratory spaces on campus have unique hazards and we want to make sure that you are safe!

Are you a student enrolled in a lab program and looking for the Science Laboratory Use Contract? (This replaces the Lab Safety Quiz of years past.)

  • Click here to go to Canvas  and look for this year's "Science Safety/Training" course. There you will find instructions on how to complete your Science Laboratory Use Contract.

You can print out the General Lab Safety Guidelines (pdf) to put in your lab notebook.

Are you a student enrolled in an ILC, Undergraduate or Advanced Research credit who will be doing work in a research lab space? (Be sure to read our Student Projects webpage.) Have you already completed the Science Laboratory Use Contract this academic year?

  • If yes, then write the quarter and program in which you completed the contract on your SSC Student Project Form (PDF).
  • If no, then note on your Project Information and Approval Sheet that you still need to complete the Science Laboratory Use Contract. Your SIT support staff can add you to the appropriate section of Science Safety/Training in Canvas.


Can you spot the safety issues in our Safety Video? (Hint - look for a lack of appropriate lab attire and what folks are touching with their lab gloves!)


Miss our old Lab Safety Video? It's still here!