Science Support Center

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Science Support Center 

At the Science Support Center, you can check out lab and field equipment for your program work and research projects. Our science support staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Stop by and learn what the SSC has to offer!

Equipment Checkout

Any items on the Equipment Inventory List may be used for any credit-generating academic work or college business, subject to availability and approval by science support staff.

Supplies for Purchase

The Center has a limited stock of consumable items that are available for purchase by programs. With pre-approval, students may have the ability to purchase some of these items for use in their student project.

Equipment Guidelines

Use of equipment is subject to availability, prior request and approval by science support staff. Use of equipment is limited to student use for credit-bearing courses, staff and faculty teaching support; official college business; and external agencies when available. Students in academic programs are always given priority when borrowing equipment.

General Guidelines

  • Equipment is meant to be used in the lab spaces in Lab 1 and Lab 2.
  • Lab equipment is not for use in food safe classroom spaces, at home, or for commercial purposes.
  • SSC Lab and field equipment may not be taken to the Organic Farm or Sustainable Agriculture Lab.
  • Borrower is responsible for contacting the SSC within 24 hours of checkout if any equipment is not working as intended and for ensuring their safe return on time. Fees will be incurred if returned late.
  • If damage occurs, borrower will need to replace items at current retail value.
  • Clean equipment prior to return or pay a fee to have the equipment cleaned for you.

Student Guidelines 

Students may borrow laboratory and field equipment without charge when conducting work for academic programs, courses or individual learning contracts.

  • Academic programs and courses: For cases when the use of laboratory and/or field equipment is essential for the learning outcomes of the program, either through direct in-class instruction or for the purpose of completing program related project work. 
  • Individual learning contracts and Internships: When students identify the need for laboratory and/or field equipment to advance the learning goals they have specified clearly in their learning contract and obtained faculty signature.

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Lab Safety and Training

Science Laboratory Use Contract

Students enrolled in lab courses should log into Canvas and complete the Science Laboratory Use Contract. Need help? Look in Canvas for this year's "Science Safety/Training" course. There you will find instructions on how to complete your Science Laboratory Use Contract.

Download our General Lab Safety Guidelines to keep in your lab notebook. 

Can you spot the safety issues in this safety video?
Here's a hint look for a lack of appropriate lab attire and what folks are touching with their lab gloves!