Guidelines for use of Science Support Center Equipment

When making decisions about the use of Science Support Center (SSC) equipment and resources, including prioritization and charges, we must keep in mind the central purpose of the College, which is to provide learning opportunities for our students. Additional considerations are our public mission and our desire to build and maintain strong community connections.

Users of the SSC equipment fall into 4 categories: students using the equipment for academic learning, Evergreen staff and faculty using the equipment in support of teaching and other academic work, internal Evergreen use as part of our institutional mission, public service or community work, and use by external agencies seeking a local resource for science equipment.

Use of equipment is subject to availability, prior request, and approval by SSC staff. Use of equipment in academic programs is given priority.

Guidelines for Appropriate Use

All Users

  • Lab equipment from the SSC is meant to be used in the lab spaces in Lab 1 & Lab 2.
  • Lab equipment from the SSC is not for use in food safe classroom spaces or at home.
  • SSC lab and field equipment may not be taken to the Evergreen Organic Farm or Sustainable Agriculture Lab.
  • SSC equipment may not be used for commercial purposes.
  • The borrower is responsible for the items checked out and for their return.
  • The borrower is responsible for testing the items before leaving the SSC to verify their condition.
  • The borrower will pay for repair of damaged items or replacement of lost items at their current retail value.
  • The borrower will pay an equipment cleaning fee if they have not cleaned the items before return.
  • The borrower will pay any late fees if items are not returned by the agreed upon due date and time.


Students may borrow laboratory and field equipment without charge for the following reasons.

  • Academic Programs and Courses: for cases when the use of laboratory and/or field equipment is essential for the learning outcomes of the program, either through direct in-class instruction or for the purpose of completing program related project work
  • Individual learning contracts and Internships: when students identify the need for laboratory and/or field equipment to advance the learning goals they have specified clearly in their learning contract. To use the equipment students must have completed an SSC Project Information and Approval Form with faculty signature.

The equipment and resources must be for the sole use of the student in order to fulfill their learning objectives. The equipment may not be borrowed by a student who is simply acting as a proxy for another person or internship site which needs the equipment or resources for their own purposes. Any indirect benefit to an internship field supervisor or internship site must be clearly secondary to the beneficial learning outcomes to the student as identified in the internship learning contract.

Students may not borrow equipment for purely recreational or other non-academic reasons.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff may use SSC equipment and resources for the following reasons

  • Academic use to support student learning either through direct instruction of students or for the purposes of gaining knowledge to benefit subsequent instructional use.
  • Academic use for faculty development, research and creative work.
  • Non-academic use to support the College’s institutional mission, such as for convocation and graduation ceremonies, administrative meetings or functions, etc.
  • Non-academic use to support the public mission of the college and/or community outreach, such as for the public events, such as the Science Carnival, or for college marketing campaigns, and advancement efforts.

Equipment used by federal or state funded auxiliary departments, conferences, and student groups (S&A), academic programs and other events that charge a fee or ask for a donation will be charged an equipment rental fee. Following RCW 42.52.160 on use of state property for private gain and WAC 292-110-010 on the Use of State Resources, faculty and staff may not use Science Support Center equipment and resources for private gain.