Sauna & Pool

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You can enjoy a relaxing sauna whenever the CRC is open. We have two dry saunas, one each inside the men’s and women’s locker rooms. These spacious rooms feature cedar benches and two-level seating.

Rules for the Saunas

  • Do not spend more than twenty minutes in the sauna.
  • Do not bring herbs or electronics in.
  • Do not use the sauna if you are ill.
  • No one under 18 is allowed to use the sauna.

Reason for the Reduction in Pool Hours

The CRC lacks the capacity to operate the pool in a sustainable manner. We have decided to pause the operation now and assess what we need to do to best serve the needs of the Evergreen community.


Evergreen Aquatics Updates 


(February 2020) Evergreen’s pool remains closed for public use at this time. College leadership is evaluating next steps. We will continue to reach out with updates on the status of the pool when there is new information to share. We thank you for your patience and your continued engagement throughout this process.​

(December 2019) College leadership is in the process of assessing how to proceed with approaching work that is critical to maintaining a safely operating swimming pool. Current operations remain in effect until further notice.

The Aquatics Review Report is available as a PDF for viewing.


(September 2019) The Aquatics Report is currently being finalized and it will be presented to the Evergreen Senior Leadership Team on November 12. As per the original suspension plan, community swimming is not scheduled or expected to re-open before early 2020. Student-only swims will be offered again during the fall quarter on Wednesday night from 7:30-9:30 pm and Sunday night from 6:30-8:30 pm.


(Summer 2019) With 780 total responses to the online survey, the Aquatics Steering Committee and CRC staff have been compiling response data, reading feedback, and assembling the final report for campus leadership. It is expected to be presented to the senior leadership group in October. Student-only swims will be offered again during the fall quarter on Wednesday night from 7:30-9:30 pm and Sunday night from 6:30-8:30 pm.

Aggregate survey results will be available for viewing soon.


(May 8, 2019) During the months of March and April, the Aquatics Steering Committee conducted three open forums consisting of students, faculty, staff, and community members. Information and feedback was gathered regarding suggested changes to past operations, ideas for new programs, identification of opportunities, and more. For the results of these forums, you can view the Aquatics Forums Feedback Results Theme and Frequency Summary (PDF).

Whether you attended one of the forums or not, we still want to hear your voice to help shape the future of aquatics at Evergreen. Stay posted for a survey being released in mid-May.


(April 17, 2019) 

Student programming now available two nights per week! As announced during the pool suspension, the CRC staff have been working to identify a path to continue offering safe student programming, within the current limitations of insufficient supervisory support. Beginning April 17, current Evergreen students with ID are able to use the pool during the following times:

Wednesdays from 7:30 - 9:30 pm

Saturdays from 4:00 - 6:00 pm


(March 8, 2019) The CRC staff is eager to share the following updates about progress in the work to evaluate opportunities for a sustainable Aquatics Program and notify you of important dates to provide feedback.

Following the announcement of the suspension of open lap swimming at the Evergreen pool in January, members of the CRC staff met with students at the January 23 Geoduck Student Union (GSU) Assembly meeting. The purpose of this was to gather feedback regarding the types of programming students would like available during this period of suspended open lap swimming. Based upon feedback received, we are currently working to confirm the feasibility, and schedule for the following student programs: Lap swimming, Safe Swim/Gym, Movie Nights, and additional dance and yoga classes. We anticipate that some or all of these will begin Spring Quarter.

An Aquatics Steering Committee, comprised of four students, four staff, and one faculty member, has been identified and held the first meeting to develop recommendations for a sustainable aquatics program at Evergreen. This work is expected to take place between March and July, 2019, and include:

  • A review of the history and recent user data
  • Stakeholder feedback
  • Evaluation and analysis of feedback
  • Technical Consultant assessment/advice
  • Recommendations for consideration

The full Aquatics Steering Committee Charge (PDF) is also available. 


Future of the Pool

An Aquatics Program Development working group identified options for an aquatics program that could meet the needs of our students, community members, partner organizations, and campus renewal.

Work with campus stakeholders is ongoing and options are being organized to determine next steps for an aquatics renewal.

If you would like additional information, please contact Ray Finn, Assistant Director of Recreation, at or (360) 867-6528.

The CRC swimming pool