a group of chickens eating on the grass, students standing in the background watching

The Organic Farm raises livestock to demonstrate good animal husbandry practices as part of a diversified market farm.

Our animals love visitors, but if you do say hello, please do not feed them. Our animals all have very closely monitored diets, so anything extra that is fed to them can make them sick.


Laying Hens

The farm raises a diverse flock of laying hens, making our egg baskets bright with color. Examples of breeds we have raised include Black and Red Sex-Linked, Speckled Sussex, Pearl White Leghorn and Whiting True Green. 

Broiler Chickens

In addition to the laying hens, we raise 40-50 meat birds each year. We prefer the Freedom Ranger, a heritage breed known for strong legs, good health and great growth.

The chickens live free range, happily foraging outside during the day, while being sheltered from predators at night. 

Organic Farm


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