Farm House

a black and white photo of students hanging out the windows of the farm house, one student is hanging off over the stairs out of the window sill, holding on to peoples hands inside the building

About the Farm House

The Farm House is a student designed and built structure. Initiated in 1975 and completed in 1980 by Evergreen eco-design students, it houses a full-time live-in caretaker and provides a 40-student classroom space also used for extracurricular activities such as banquets and festivals.

History of the Organic Farm


The Farm House serves as a meeting place for faculty and student retreats, meeting areas, seminar facilities and as a classroom and community kitchen.

As the base of operations for the agriculture programs, the Farm House provides classroom and lecture capabilities, a kitchen containing two ovens, a six-burner range, and a separate dishwashing space.

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