Institutional Review Board Meetings and Members

Meeting Schedule and Members

The goal of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) is to review and approve research in a timely manner.

Meeting Schedule

The IRB meets twice a term during the fourth and seventh weeks of the fall, winter and spring quarters. Time-sensitive projects may be reviewed during ad hoc meetings as required. 

Application Submission Schedule

Proposals should be submitted through on the Monday of Week Three or Week Six. Use the file label: Month_Year_Last name. (example: January_2023_Carmichael)

Proposals requiring schedule review may be submitted to using file label REQUESTINGIMMEDIATEREVIEW_Month_Year_Last name.(example: REQUESTINGIMMEDIATEREVIEW_January_2023_Carmichael)

Institutional Review Board Members

Name Title
Rhonda Woods IRB Staff
Amadou Ba Institutional Research
Kristina Ackley Academic Dean
Sue Feldman     
Director, Teacher Education Programs
Mike Craw     
Director, Masters of Public Administration
Sheri Mila Gerson Community Member
Aileen Miller Attorney General's Office