Institutional Research Board Meeting Protocol

Meeting Protocol and Submission Review Process

Submission Review Steps

  1. Submissions are received through the Institutional Review Board (IRB) email address.
  2. The submission receipt is documented and the submission is given a meeting review code. 
  3. The submission is added to the submission spreadsheet including date of receipt, date of review, date of approval, researcher name and project title.
  4. On the Tuesday in the week before the IRB meeting, the IRB staff person compiles all application submissions into an online folder that is shared with IRB members. In an email message, IRB members are alerted that the folder is open and applications are ready for review. 
  5. IRB members review applications before the meeting.
  6. IRB members attend meeting prepared to discuss each application in detail.
  7. The discussion is facilitated by the IRB administrator. Discussion is focused on questions relating to human subjects. Research methods or the quality of the project design is considered only if it poses concerns related to human subjects. 
  8. The three possible responses to application review are: 1) Approve; 2) Approve with revisions; 3) Revise and resubmit.
  9. The IRB makes the determination of whether a research project is exempt or not exempt. 
  10. IRB members work to achieve consensus on approval, and or revisions. The goal of the IRB is to approve research projects. If a project is not approved clear and specific feedback is provided so revisions can be approved. 
  11. After the meeting, the IRB staff person produces minutes from the meeting and associated approval or revision memos for each submission. 
  12. IRB administrator reviews and signs all memos. 
  13. Review memos are sent to researchers within a week of the review meeting.

Expedited Review 

The IRB may expedite a review under these three circumstances:

  1. A resubmission.
  2. An extension of previously approved project.
  3. It is time-sensitive and the project needs to begin before the next formal meeting.

Expedited reviews are conducted by two IRB members, using a rotation list to assign members to reviews. Reviewers may approve a project if both reviewers agree to approve. If the project is not approved it must go to review by the whole board to be not approved.