CITI Training

CITI Training

CITI training is required for all researchers conducting research with human subjects. A certificate of completion with a score of at least 80% should be submitted along with the application for IRB review.


There are two courses available for researchers conducting research with human subjects: 

  • Human Subjects Research (required)
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (optional)

How to Complete CITI Training

  1. Login or Register with CITI 
    • Returning users go to, login and click “Add a Course or Update Learner Groups” then follow the prompts
    • New users go to and click register 
      1. Type “The Evergreen State College” in box provided under "Select Your Organization Affiliation"
      2. Fill out the answers for the personal information section
      3. Create a username and password and then select a security question
      4. Specify user gender, ethnicity and race
      5. Select “No” for continuing credits option and choose whether to participate in CITI surveys
      6. Fill out the information as requested by Evergreen and select answers most appropriate to your situation
  2. Select your training
    • To select the training modules, please answer the questions as the following instructions show:
      • Question #1 Human Subjects Research: Select “Social & Behavioral Research Investigators”
      • Question #2 Laboratory Animal Research: Do not select anything
      • Question #3 Responsible Conduct of Research: Select "Social Sciences” 
      • Question #4 Responsible Conduct of Research Refresher Course: Select “Not at this time”.
      • Question #5: Conflicts of Interest: Please select, “No”.
      • Question #6: Institutional/Signatory Official: Select, “Not at this time”
  3. After finalizing course registration, you will be sent to the Main Menu.
    • The courses you selected will be listed under your Evergreen Courses
    • Click on the title of the course to begin
  4. Complete the online training
    • Proceed through the course modules, including reviewing instruction materials and taking required quizzes. There is typically a short quiz (4-10 questions) at the end of each module.
    • Please note:
      • Evergreen IRB requires at least an 80% passing grade on each module
      • You may return to the module and retake the quiz if necessary
      • You do not have to complete all of the modules at one time. Quiz score(s) will be stored and you can return to complete the remaining modules at any time.
  5. You’re done!
    • Once you’ve completed a course you will be returned to the main menu
    • The status and date of courses taken will be shown under Evergreen Courses
    • You can print your completion report. A copy of the relevant course completion report will be sent to the Evergreen institutional administrator.