Mentor a Student Teacher

Use your experience, knowledge, and skills to help prepare the next generation of teachers.

As a mentor to a teaching candidate, you’ll spend 10 weeks with one of our prepared and motivated future teachers. Learn more about student teaching, including timelines for our student teachers. Contact us at to find out more.

Your Responsibilities

  • Introduce the teacher candidate to colleagues and students.
  • Review the candidate’s lesson plans and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Observe the candidate teaching and provide regular feedback.
  • Meet with the candidate and the college supervisor at least three times during the quarter to discuss the candidate’s progress.
  • Evaluate the candidate’s work using Evergreen’s Student Teaching Rubric.

Student teachers may also need your cooperation on specific aspects of edTPA preparation:

  • Completing certain types of lessons.
  • Collecting student work samples and video clips.
  • Performing specific analyses.

Candidate’s Independent Teaching Time

Student teachers must take a leadership role in the classroom for at least three weeks.

In the traditional model, your mentee will have sole planning, teaching, and management responsibility. You will observe several times but can otherwise use the time for your own planning or professional development.

In a co-teaching model, you remain in the classroom, but the candidate takes the lead in all activities for those three weeks.

Contact us at if you would like to host a student teacher.