Apply to the MiT Program

Prepare to enter the Master in Teaching program and learn how your application is evaluated.

We have two options available for students to apply to the MiT program, one for graduate level and another for undergraduate level students enrolled at Evergreen:

  • Graduate Degree Option– this option is our traditional option for applying to enter into our program as a graduate level student.
  • Undergraduate/Graduate Dual Degree Option – Evergreen provides an Undergraduate/Graduate Dual Degree option for current Evergreen undergraduate students. 

Applications and Lists of Requirements

You can find how to access our applications and the full list of materials needed to apply in the links below.

How Your Materials Are Evaluated

We consider both qualitative and quantitative aspects of your application. Selected applicants will be invited for a group and individual interview in October/November. From those interviewed, selected applicants will be invited to join the MiT program.

Qualities of a top applicant

  • Interest and demonstrated experience in building relationships with students, families, and community mentors
  • Commitment to a teaching career in a public K–12 setting
  • Experience with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Interest in the intellectual and social development of young people
  • Commitment to the difficult and collaborative work of building classrooms of brilliance, joy, and justice
  • Academic proficiency in all coursework related to their content area
  • Recommended: A minimum GPA of 3.0 for the last 90 quarter hours or 60 semester hours. For Evergreen graduates, strong evaluations that demonstrate strong quality of work and evidence of understanding, collaboration, commitment to learning and growth.

Martinez Fellowship Program

The Martinez Fellowship Program, offered in partnership with Technology Access Foundation (TAF), is an opportunity for candidates of color to network and collaborate with other teachers of color in a trusted community.  Fellows will have access to high quality professional development offerings and financial aid. Initial applications are managed internally. Visit the Martinez Fellowship Program to see if you qualify and learn more about the fellowships

Recommendations for Applicants

Are you planning to become a teacher? Here are some considerations for planning/examining your content preparation:

  1. Identify the endorsement area you are interested in. [Note: an endorsement area refers to the subject area and age group of students you would like to teach.]
  2. Review the competencies (i.e. knowledge and skills) that Washington state says are important to the preparation of a public school teacher with this endorsement.
  3. Assess your preparation for teaching the content area(s) for your chosen endorsement:
    1. Graduates and Career changers: How have your educational, work and life experiences prepared you to teach in this endorsement area? Identify specific evidence to illustrate the competencies recommended for your endorsement. Identify the competencies where you may need to develop or deepen your knowledge and skill
    2. Undergraduates: Work with an academic advisor to help you plan your program, course and field work so that you can develop breadth and depth in your endorsement area.   

If you have questions, contact Assistant Director Luis Apolaya Torrss at