Internships & Assistantships

Internships are a key way to get useful experience and apply what you’re learning. Take advantage of our location and connections to expand your education beyond the classroom.
The Sustainability in Prisons Project

Internships with the Sustainability in Prisons Project are regularly available. Here, attendees attend one of their events: Women Celebrating the Conservation of Wildflowers celebration, which took place at the Washington Corrections Center for Women.

Gain professional skills, develop your professional network, and offset the cost of your degree through internships and assistantships.

Our program has long-standing partnerships with state agencies and nonprofits, and we’re constantly collecting and sharing opportunities to get you into the field. See the newest internship listings on the MES Weekly blog for the latest opportunities.

If you have a particular interest or a connection with an organization, you can also develop your own internship. We’ll help you work through the paperwork.

You may discover your thesis topic or even begin work on your thesis through an internship. You can take up to 8 credits of internship as part of your degree.

A Sample of Paid Internships

Here are sample internships and assistantships that may be available for MES students. You’ll get regular updates about available opportunities while you’re a student here. 

Sustainability Fellowships

Open to all students enrolled at least half-time during winter and spring of 2019 in graduate studies at The Evergreen State College with an interest in sustainability.  Fellows work closely with each other and with the Sustainability Director to carry out a sustainability assessment of the Campus.

Sustainability in Prisons Project
Several graduate research assistantships in sustainability education, conservation, and scientific research. Pay is $15/hour for 19 hours/week. Position lasts as long as student is in MES. Students may earn internship credit, as well as develop a thesis related to their assistantship.

Washington Department of Transportation Wetlands Ecology and Monitoring Techniques
Paid summer internships to up to 20 students. Pay is $3,000 for summer and includes credit.

The Evergreen State College Center for Sustainable Infrastructure
Check out the CSI website regularly for internship opportunities.