Training & Professional Development

Evergreen offers training opportunities to employees and supervisors. Tuition and fee waivers let you attend classes through the college.

Training Opportunities

We provide training on topics like Family Medical Leave Act and performance evaluations. Training offered by Evergreen Human Resource Services is available free of charge to employees. Talk to your supervisor, then register for any currently available opportunities.

We also arrange Employee Policy Training. You will be contacted by email if you are required to complete a specific training session.

  • Employee Policy Training (Staff Only)  Employees previously invited for the Employment Policy Training will have further access after clicking on the EPT link. Otherwise, if you are not invited and click on the link, a message will appear stating “Unauthorized.” Those who are invited will receive two separate emails, one from Human Resources and a second email will be an invitation from Canvas via email. Topics include:
    • Information Technology (IT) Security
    • Appropriate Use of IT Resources
    • Copyright
    • Ethics in Public Service
    • Non-Discrimination Policies and Procedures
    • Public Records Act
    • FERPA

On-campus training

  • OnlineTraining options are available to all staff and faculty.
  • CPR/First Aid training is arranged by Facilities Services several times each year.
  • Wellness-related activities are available on campus.
  • Faculty Development & Training – Specific opportunities for development and trainings offered to faculty at Evergreen.

Off-campus training

Work with your supervisor before you sign up for any off-campus training. Your work unit is responsible for funding off-campus training opportunities. If you have to travel to a training, see the Travel policy for reimbursement. If you have questions about time tracking for travel, contact Human Resource Services.

Training for state employees is offered through the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) and the Office of Financial Management (OFM). Look through their catalogs to see if any of their offerings apply to you, then follow these steps to register:

  1. Pick a class and discuss with your supervisor.
  2. When you have approval for a specific training, have your supervisor email with the specifics.
  3. Work with the person in your area who handles purchase orders. Once it's been paid for, have them give the PO number to us.
  4. HRS will make sure you're signed up.
Evergreen Staffer Elaine in Architectural Design Studio

Staffer Elaine, in the summer program Architectural Design Studio, takes advantage of the tuition and fee waivers available.

Tuition & Fee Waivers

Permanent employees working at least half-time are eligible for the Tuition and Fee Waivers Program and the Tuition Discount Program.

  • Register for up to 8 credits for $30 per quarter.
  • If you are an admitted student, receive a 50% discount on tuition for 9-20 credits.

Human Resource Services will determine eligibility to participate on or after the first day of the academic quarter. Find full program details on the Tuition Waiver/Discount form (PDF).

If you're going to be doing class activities during work hours, you'll need to be in permanent status as of the first day of the quarter and you must have your supervisors permission. Depending on your job's collective bargaining agreement, you may be able to get up to lesser of ten percent (10%) or four hours per week of release time to attend classes, scheduled programs, or conferences with faculty that are not available at other times.