Evergreen Housing Rental Rates

One payment per quarter covers fully-furnished housing and amenities

Housing Costs for 2023-2024

Evergreen Housing bills your student account once at the start of each quarter. Starting this year, the cost of housing is the same every quarter of the academic year! The average monthly price included below is calculated as if you were living on campus for the whole year in 2023-2024.

Room Type

Cost per Quarter

Facilities & Maintenance Fee

Average Monthly Price
(if in Housing full academic year)

Academic Year Total

Apartment Single





Apartment Double





Residence Hall Single





Residence Hall Double





Rates currently pending board approval and subject to change.

These rates are per student and include furnishings, utilities, internet, and all the benefits of living on campus; basically everything you need except for food. And don't worry – the costs are stable. They won't go up if any of your suitemates move out.

Rent for the quarter is due in full on the same date tuition is due.

Meal Plans

On-campus residents are required to purchase a meal plan.

If you live on campus, you will need to purchase a meal plan. The price of a meal plan depends on which option you choose, so we haven't included the costs in the table above.

Visit Evergreen's Food and Dining website to learn more about what's available to you.

Want to change your meal plan?

You can change your meal plan before the start of each quarter through the StarRez portal. Simply edit the "Meal Plan" section of your housing application to reflect your choice for the upcoming term. Select "Save and Continue" to make sure the change is recorded.

See the Housing and Dining Calendar for meal plan change deadlines.