Housing Options on Olympia Campus

Interior photo of the common room in student apartments

Privacy and Independence

Evergreen's housing is a network of three-story apartment buildings surrounding the Housing Community Center, and our newly renovated traditional-style residence hall Building A. Each apartment features four or six private bedrooms, a shared bathroom with two sinks and a separate toilet with separate shower and a spacious open-plan kitchen and living room. Building A has both shared double rooms and single rooms with a shared bathroom. Enjoy privacy and independence, while living in a vibrant on-campus community.

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Rental Rates for 2023-24


example floor plan of a student apartment building
Apartment Building Floor Plan


View panoramas of a typical living space and bedroom.


Building A / Residence Hall

Evergreen is renovating and updating Building A for an all-new housing experience in Fall 2023.

Floor plan for A building
Building A / Residence Hall Floor Plan

Modular Apartments

Floor plan drawing of the Mod Apartments

What's Included

Your rent covers more than just your room. When you live on-campus, you'll also have:

  • High-speed internet
  • All-inclusive utilities (water, electricity, trash disposal)
  • On-call maintenance services
  • On-site laundry facilities
  • Community garden spaces to grow your own produce

Convenient Cost Savings

  • Just one bill, all utilities included
  • Includes high-speed wireless Internet
  • No first, last or security deposits
  • Your rent won't go up, even if someone moves out

Supported Co-Living

Setting shared expectations makes everyone more comfy from the get-go. Resident Assistants will help you and your suitemates create an agreement that covers things like cleaning responsibilities, eating habits, grocery shopping and more.

Meal Plans

Everyone living on campus purchases a meal plan. Select from a variety of options designed to meet your needs, including pre-paying all your meals for the quarter or having flexible spending options at multiple campus eateries. 

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Living Learning Agreements

Roommate agreements, also known as living learning agreements, help you set expectations with your suitemates from the start. These agreements help give context and structure for how your group wants to live together – how you want to handle cleaning, how to best communicate with each other and how to respect each others' needs and boundaries.

to Roompact to access the agreement for your suite.

Housing License Agreements

When you complete Evergreen's Housing License Agreement, you accept an agreement that states that you plan to live on campus from your move-in date through the end of the academic year.  

Moving out before the end of the school year will result in a break fee, except in cases of graduation, school withdrawal, study abroad or internship. 

All residents who live on-campus will sign and agree to the Housing License Agreement. Here are some examples:

2024-25 Housing License Agreement (PDF) 

2023-24 Housing License Agreement (PDF)

2024 Summer Housing Agreement (PDF)