Housing During Breaks

Evergreen’s academic year contains three major breaks when classes are not in session. Apartments will remain open for all breaks.

Academic Breaks 2022-23

  • Winter Break is December 17 through January 8. Meal Service in the Greenery ends at 2pm on Friday, December 16 and resumes at 5pm on January 8.
  • Spring Break is March 25 through April 2. Meal Service in the Greenery ends at 2pm on Friday, March 24 and resumes at 5pm on Sunday, April 2.
  • Summer Break Begins June 17. Regular Meal Service in the Greenery ends on June 19. See our summer housing page for more information
A student does art on a picnic blanket in a field with apartment buildings in the background.
You don't have to give up your home on campus just because class is out of session. If you are enrolled for the upcoming quarter, you are welcome to stay.

Campus Services

Meal service in the Greenery and other campus venues is suspended during breaks.

To see special break schedules for other campus services, visit Dining Services, Student Wellness Services, The Library, and the Recreation Center.  

Housing Charges for Winter & Spring Breaks

Housing charges are billed to your student account one quarter at a time and they do not include the winter and spring breaks. This is because housing is free during winter and spring breaks—as long as you are an on-campus resident before and after the break. See the housing agreement for details about agreement releases and break fees.

Staying over Break

Break housing is available only to students who are continuing at Evergreen for the upcoming quarter. If you are graduating or leaving Evergreen, you are not eligible to stay over break and you must be officially checked out of your room by 12:00 noon on Friday of Evaluation week to avoid additional fees.

Room Inspections

At the start and end of winter and spring breaks, facilities staff may enter your room and inspect it for maintenance and repairs. At no time during the inspection will staff open or move anything. Please note that if policy violations are found, it may result in conduct action.

Room Vacancy

If there is a vacancy in your apartment, be sure to keep your common spaces clean so it is ready for a new roommate to move in and feel welcome. Failure to leave your apartment properly prepared may result in conduct action and additional housing charges. A new roommate may arrive during check in at the end of the break.

Checklist Before You Leave

  • If you have live plants or fish, take them with you or arrange for their care.
  • Take out your garbage and recycling, and remove any perishable food from your fridge.
  • Lock your windows and close the blinds. Notify staff immediately if your window lock is broken.
  • Leave your heat on. It will be controlled from a central location.
  • Unplug electronics and turn off the lights.
  • Lock your door.

Maintenance and Custodial Projects

Maintenance and custodial projects often occur within the residential buildings during break. These projects may involve noise, utility outages, detours and entry into student rooms.

Moving Out During Break

Please abide by the Proper Checkout Procedure which involves vacating and cleaning your bedroom, talking to your roommates about cleaning common areas, and handing in your keys. You must move out by 12 noon on Friday of Evaluation Week of any quarter to avoid paying additional fees.

  • Failure to follow the Proper Checkout Procedure  may result in a $100 improper checkout fee, key charges and additional room rent.
  • Moving out before the end of the school year may result in an agreement break fee up to $700 except in cases of school withdrawal, graduation, internship or study abroad.
  • Moving out during winter or spring break may result in a checkout penalty.